The Wellness Center offers hope, healing and wellbeing to children, young adults, families and communities through affordable counseling in a welcoming, safe and confidential space where people can be listened to, accepted and understood.

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The Wellness Center offers Certificate and Diploma level courses in Counseling. Modules can be studied separately. We understand the current environment in employment opportunities for counselors as well as the ability of our community to afford counseling services in Sri Lanka, and therefore, have made these courses affordable to all. Our syllabus for the Certificate in Counseling & Psychotherapy closely follows the framework and content of Level 4 (UK – Counseling Diploma). We offer our students the opportunity to gain experience in counseling with 100hours supervised training which is required for the awarding of the Certificate.

Certificate in Counseling and Psychotherapy – 200 hours of taught-work plus 100 hours supervised training.

Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy – 100 hours of taught-work plus 250 hours of therapeutic counseling experience.

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At The Wellness Center, we uphold a high standard of excellence by using best practices and continuous quality improvement. We ensure that every child, family and community member is provided the highest level of care available.

We are a Registered Counseling Center in Sri Lanka. Our Psychotherapists are experienced and certified professionals.

The Wellness Center is founded by Mrs. Varuni Fernando in January 2021 and is registered in Sri Lanka as a Counseling Center and Mental Health Education provider.

Registration Number: W/H 13401