Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



This course is for Counselors and Counseling students who have completed a minimum of 3 months of their counseling program.

In the course, we learn about the origins of CBT, how it was formulated, why was it necessary, and how we can implement it today with our clients. We explore the situations where we can successfully incorporate CBT into a treatment plan. CBT is backed by numerous research and is thus called an ‘evidence-based’ therapeutic approach. We will explore its various off-shoots such as DBT and ACT and learn about different treatment protocols.

This course will be conducted in English, however, Sinhala explanations are given for key concepts (if necessary) and we welcome all those who have a basic knowledge of English to join this program to enhance their knowledge of this most important therapy technique.

This course will include a variety of culturally relevant worksheets that you could use in your counseling practice and many other tools to provide professional counseling services to your clients.