05 May

Meet and Greet the Lockdown

The year is almost over. No point in looking back. There is nothing there. However, there has been a great revival of the spirit during 2020. Some call it ‘soul’, others call it ‘true self’, but I call it ‘spirit’. I like to speak of 2020 as the year that gave me time. Valuable and precious time. Spiritual time. Growing up time.

Having joined the workforce immediately after school, there has never been a life without work. Being the workaholic that I am, I have managed to work through many of life’s defining moments. I hate to look back and cast glances of regret, so I will not. 2020 has sat me down to look around and hear my kids; truly see and hear them. I discovered my daughter. What an amazing creature she is! She is 13 and an artist! I can write this blog full of exclamation marks, but that is exactly how stunned I was to see this beautiful child. She and I embarked on a journey together. Painting. She in acrylics and I in humble watercolor.

Needless to say both our spirits soared. We had fun watching tutorials on Youtube and looking endlessly at Instagram artists,.

My daughter taught me basics of portrait drawing and how to post my art on Instagram. She gave me advise on hashtags and how to follow other artists. I have 70 followers now and feeling quite awesome! She and I spend long days in our special room where we have all our art stuff and we paint. We take photos and we post on Instagram. What fun! She listens to music plugged into her ears. I sing Abba songs. She laughs.

Truly, this is the best year of my life. I met my angel.

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